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Platanam Images are Gordon Lehany LRPS and Sharon Adamson, based in Wellington and Palmerston North.  We make images inspired by people.


When we cover events, we look for special moments that capture something unique about the participants—a performer in full flight, the joy of the audience, or people simply sharing an experience together.  Rather than being studio-based, we ask our portrait clients to select a setting that is meaningful to them, which will allow us to find their authentic character.


We carry this interest through to our landscape photography as well.  Gordon shoots images that record the evidence of people on landscapes, while Sharon uses her images to draw people’s attention to things that are so small and far from their eyes that they wouldn’t normally stop to look at them.


We combine traditional and modern technologies, using film and digital cameras and our digital and conventional darkrooms.  We create images for any purpose, including digital files for web use, colour prints from digital images, and black and white prints using the traditional Platinum/Palladium process that are intended for framing and display.  We also run workshops focusing on photography in the outdoors.


Please look at our pricing page for details and pricing for event and portrait photography. Our Facebook page also has more images and details. For regular updates and information please visit our blog and let us know what you think!



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